Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing KFC's Double Down

The Double Down is one of KFC's craziest new products. Instead of bread acting as a holder for pieces of meat, KFC seemingly decides that they should use their signature fried chicken as the bread instead. With two pieces of bacon, some special sauce, sandwiched between two fried chicken pieces. The end result is the guiltiest pleasure you can indulge in that would be detrimental to your health like smoking or drinking.

The many promotional pictures of it can be a bit misleading. It looks kind of small, but it's the size of a modest fast food sandwich. In most servings of the Double Down, the cheese is melted all the way and will readily stick to the wrapper. The special sauce is some kind of thousand island dressing which many fast food joints readily use on their signature sandwiches. All that's left to talk about is the chicken.

It's not fried to crispiness like KFC's chicken strips. More like it's breaded for texture and a slight crunch but no actual depth to it's usual fry cooking. The chicken is of course rather oily and would gross out casual vegan eaters, but as a whole, it's a big guilty pleasure. It doesn't at all leave a feeling like you'll be living a longer life and it may even repulse even the unhealthiest eaters who go to McDonald's religiously. But know this: if you like chicken in the slightest and you like bacon the same way, you finish thinking it was a good meal.

photo courtesy of food beast

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