Sunday, May 2, 2010

The DEWmocracy

In 2008, Mountain Dew introduced Voltage to be a new flavor through its DEWmocracy promotion. Now the Dewmocracy is back and three new candidate flavors are up for voting into the permanent line up: Typhoon, White Out, and Distrotion.

Now in 2010, the time to vote has returning with the introduction of new candidates Typhoon, White Out, and Distrortion. The voting ends June 14, 2010, so be sure to cast your vote after taking a taste of all three!

Typhoon is the first one of the bunch. Typhoon advertises itself as a tropical punch flavoring, coming in a bright red, almost pink appearance. While it certainly has a berry taste, the flavor can draw similarities to Cherry 7UP. The flavor is very smooth and unaccented.

Next comes White Out. It's strange how the color is completely white like its name implies but the actual advertised flavor is citrus. It's hard to describe, as it certainly tastes like citrus but not necessarily the same as other citrus sodas like Sunkist or Squirt. These sodas are also pretty strong in flavor while White Out is enjoyably less so.

Lastly is lime flavored Distortion. There seems to be little difference in taste between the normal flavor and Distortion, except perhaps a stronger lime taste, which isn't as pronounced as say a lemon flavoring. Definitely not going to be a contender.

White Out seems to have the most distinct flavor and can be very enjoyable for most drinkers. Distortion on the other hand is very similar to the normal Mountain Dew flavor, while Typhoon is a toss up based on preference. Be sure to to try them all before your favorite may be gone!

Image courtesy of popsop.

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