Sunday, April 18, 2010

Willy Wonka's Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar

The Wonka Company is looking to revive their name brand with a new line of high end chocolate bars. I've spotted about three off them: Chocolate Domes, Chocolate Waterfall, and the above pictured Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar (which I am still copying and pasting because of its length).

This bar goes beyond simple tasty toffee for me. Not only is there toffee bits and almonds but also cookie bits. I've had bars with toffee and almonds in it before, but the additional cookies give this a really unique taste and texture.

I love me some toffee, but compared to bars like Skor or Heath, this Wonka bar makes them feel like they have too much. It's easy to enjoy those bars but get carried away and hurt your teeth. The Scrumdiddlyumptious bar has the delicious things stuffed in it in bits and pieces so there's less potential to work your teeth hard on some big bits.

The chocolate had a nice smooth taste and texture and most of the pieces were breakable into squares. Only the middle section has some trouble into nice pieces due to the W being imprinted over it.

Overall, I love this candy bar. A bit high end at over $2 most times, but worth every cent to me.

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